Claudia Dubé
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Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Data analysis • creative direction

Below are a collection of large-scale posters created to help visualize complex information or data. Information pertaining to each piece is listed below.


Big Bang Bomb


Big Bang Bomb was created as a course project for a Data Visualization, a class at the University of Minnesota (Spring 2018). We were given a large data set and allowed to decide on a narrative to explore through data visualization. I decided to explore the different types of bombs between 1945 and 2017. In the first 20 years, there is a lot of variance in the types of bombs detonated which highlights the political chaos occurring during this time period. I also explored which countries conducted the most tests during this time period which can be seen at the bottom of this poster. Final size 24” x 42”.

Wangensteen Historical Library


The following posters were created to help viewers in the exhibition space get a better understanding of the types of materials within the library as well as explore a particular book’s backstory and publishing journey.